"Tune Ups, Tunings & Car Tunes"

Includes "An Old Volvo" and other "Car Talk Hits"
that were played on NPR's "Car Talk with Click & Clack The Tappet Brothers".
CD also includes numerous other original car related songs.

If you have a CD player in your car, you need to own this CD!!

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 History of Car Talk Hits

#1. An Old Volvo
Played on Car Talk Show #200113
(Read the story that inspired this song)

Artist:    Tom & Ellen Demarest
Publisher:    OreGrown Music/Heartstone Records
Comments:    Feaured in the Jan/Feb 2001 edition of "Rolling" Magazine,
the official publication of ther Volvo Club of America.

#2. I Never Wanted A Subaru!
Played on Car Talk Show #200332

"Ever had an offer you couldn't refuse? My friend tried for months to sell us his Subaru. He finally quit lowering the price and essentially gave it to us.
Thanks Tim!!" We loved it!!

#3. Roll On Riley!
(Ode to an Old Blue Bus)
Played on Car Talk Show #200336

The band traveled in an old blue bus named for Riley Oregon, a minuscule town just about at the geographic center of Oregon. There the bus broke down on the road to Sun Valley, Idaho. But..we fixed it & got to the gig on time! "Good old Riley!"

 #4. The Bug Is Back
Played on Car Talk Show # 200409

This song is for all of us who have had a Bug in our past car history as well as those of you who have a new Bug in your present car history. Oh what a history it has and what a fun part of our history it was

 #5. The Corner Garage
Played on Car Talk Show # 200650

Artists aren't all found working in studios..all art isn't hanging in galleries.
Likewise, the best mechanics aren't always found at the dealership.
Yours may be just down the road in your home town's Corner Garage.

#6.  A Real Men ... Can Fix The Car

Played on Car Talk Show # 200734

Actually, we all know that real men do eat quiche. So also is it true that not all real men are 'gonna fix the car...' But a man without a sense of humor regarding cars or quiche is probably an unhappy man. So lighten up, laugh about it, eat the quiche, and pay the man

 #7. In A Pre-Prius World
Played on Car Talk Show # 201150
(Special order only. email me)
Be careful! There may be a Prius heading toward you in complete silence.
There was a world before Prii. Although it was louder & heavier,
but there was some wonderful charm to it all.

 #8. Old Car Fools
Played on Car Talk Show # 201346

There's no fool like an old fool, and no old fool like an Old Car Fool!! 
You might even know one but be careful if he lives next door!

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